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Educational Psychology and Assessment - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 1 Words: 378 Downloads: 5 Date added: 2017/09/21 Category Advertising Essay Type Argumentative essay Tags: Learning Essay Did you like this example? Describe key assessment methods and explain when you would use each one, highlighting pros and cons of each approach. Assessment methods are initial assessment, formative assessment, summative assessment, peer assessment and diagnostic assessment. At first as a teacher I will take initial assessment to know the abilities, styles and needs of the learners. Then I will use formative assessment to know the learners view and doubts about their course and again I will use formative assessment during the session to know about the learners. After this I will take summative assessment to know the result of the learners and at last again I will take initial assessment to check the level of the learners. Explain initial assessment and the role it has on learning programmes. Initial assessment is a process to understand the learning needs prior knowledge and learning styles of the learner. It helps in planning the session according to the learner’s requirement. It plays a v ital role to find out about the learners. It will help identify a learner’s skills against a level or levels within the national standards. Learners may have different levels of reading, writing, numeracy and language skill. Initial assessment is often used to help place learners in appropriate learning programmes. It is usually followed by detailed diagnostic assessment. Explain the difference between formative and summative assessment and how you will incorporate both summative and formative assessment into your practice. Formative assessment helps both the learner and the teacher to review progress and is a central part of learning process. It takes place during the session or between the sessions. It helps the learners and the teachers to identify progress in relation to the learning plan. Progress should be recorded and new learning goals identified. As a teacher I should apply formative assessment to know the learners views and doubts about their course and this w ill make me to build up rapport with the learners. Summative assessment provides evidence of what a learner has achieved at the end of each session. It provides feedback to the learner and the teacher on achievement in the relation to the standards and curriculum documents. Summative assessment may take the form of a record of achievement, a unit of qualification, a whole qualification or test. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Educational Psychology and Assessment" essay for you Create order

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Human Trafficking And Its Effects On The World - 1103 Words

There is a depression notion that the human race is willing to do anything to make money. Across the world, people are creating illegal markets at the expense of other in order to achieve profits. Some have small environmental impact while others affect the world significantly. Some markets that are well documented in media, and are more well known throughout society are drugs, human trafficking, and slavery. These are serious markets that need to be abolished, but have a small impact on the environment. Poachers are people who illegally kill endangered species in order to sell them to the ultra wealthy. This market is complicated with many moving parts. This elaborate market is complicated which creates many gaps in the system. Intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations are combating these crime rings. These organizations are just as dangerous as any criminal organization, must of which will kill innocent citizens in order to protect their profits. These animals range from exotic species like monkeys and rhinos to the common great white shark. Regardless of the number of animals, poaching is having a dramatic affect on the ecosystem. This situation has become serious, and there needs to be more actions to stop it. There are many steps that can be taken to halt or cripple these organizations. The act of poaching happens all over the world. Some animals being killed are well documented like the ivory trade or tiger skin. However, marine animals and timber trade areShow MoreRelatedHuman Trafficking And Its Effects On The World3313 Words   |  14 PagesHuman trafficking has been present in the world for many years. Such practices date as far back as the Romans. Trafficking has drastically increased, especially in profit around the world for those who benefit from the sales. Since then, tough practices and evolved technology have grown and aided in the growth of the trafficking trade. Human trafficking is not just meant for selling people for sex or s elling them for work as some may believe, both take place. Especially here in the United StatesRead MoreHuman Trafficking And Its Effects On The World1105 Words   |  5 PagesResearch Paper There is a depression notion that the human race is willing to do anything to make money. Across the world, people are creating illegal markets at the expense of other in order to achieve profits. Some have small environmental impact while others affect the world significantly. Some markets that are well documented in media, and are more well known throughout society are drugs, human trafficking, and slavery. These are serious markets that need to be abolished, but have a small impactRead MoreHuman Trafficking, the Modern Slavery1034 Words   |  5 PagesGlobal Perspectives Essay #2 Human Trafficking Causes and Effects Human Trafficking, The Modern Slavery Introduction Human trafficking is a big problem all around the world. Every year, thousands of men, women and children are kidnapped by traffickers, and forced into sexual exploitation and slavery. In this essay, I will talk about the causes of human trafficking and what effects it has on the victims, families, and society. Causes The cause of human trafficking is mainly the organizedRead MoreHuman Trafficking Is A Grave Crime And A Serious Violation Of Human Rights1555 Words   |  7 PagesHumana Trafficking Introduction Human trafficking refers to the practice of recruiting, transferring, transporting, receiving, or harboring people through the use of force, threat, or other forms of abduction, coercion, deception, fraud, as well as abuse of power or vulnerability position (Segrave 2). Human trafficking is a grave crime and a serious violation of human rights as it involves a broad range of human exploitations, including forced labor, sexual exploitation, slavery practices, as wellRead MoreSex Trafficking : A Common Issue For A Long Time1394 Words   |  6 Pages Sex trafficking can happen everywhere. People do not even realize when it is happening. Someone could be living their life, just as they normally do, and decided to go to the mall. Sometimes they may not even know that a little kid is going to be kidnapped, and later raped. This is what sex trafficking is. Sex trafficking is commonly defined as when violence, drugs, lies, or any other form of coercion is used to force another person to ha ve sex against their will. (Sex Trafficking in the U.S, 1)Read MoreCause And Effect Of Human Trafficking965 Words   |  4 PagesCause and Effect of Human Trafficking 1 The effect human trafficking has on world today. Human trafficking is victims have been the most disrespect and terrified people in the world. They are sold to slavery either for sex or labor services. The sad part about human trafficking happens right under our noises. I think in some cases of the Unite States some of larger companies that areRead MoreHuman rafficking a modern day slaveryT1673 Words   |  7 Pages12/4/2013 Essay 3 Professor Ngezem Human Trafficking: A Modern Day Slavery Slavery may have been abolished more than 100 years ago, but it still exists all around the world. Slavery defined is the subjection of a person to another person; being forced into work. Through the years, countless of battles have been fought and many lives lost to eliminate slavery, yet it still exists in the form of human trafficking. Human trafficking is the trade of humans, most commonly for the purpose of sexualRead MoreHuman Trafficking : An Evolving Global Phenomenon1719 Words   |  7 PagesHuman trafficking is an evolving global phenomenon that lacks adequate attention and information. The global issue has been around for many years, but it has been hidden and kept a secret by so many who knew it was going on. Today, there are â€Å"approximately 800,000 people trafficked across international borders† and many more trafficked from state to state (Richards 155). No longer is human trafficking hiding in the shadows of a small farm or town that is hidden away from a busy city near by. HumanRead MoreThe Global Impact Of Human Trafficking1640 Words   |  7 PagesThe Global impact of Human Trafficking Human trafficking is a global issue that receives very little attention throughout the modern world; this issue effects every country on the global and all different types of cultures. Hillary Clinton said in 2009 â€Å"Trafficking thrives in the shadows, and it can be easy to dismiss it as something that happens to someone else, in somewhere else, but that is not the case. Trafficking is a crime that involves every nation on earth, and that includes our own.† (BehnkeRead MoreHuman Trafficking Is A Hidden Crime1565 Words   |  7 PagesHuman trafficking are the illegal activity of people, usually for the purposes of obligatory workforce or commercial sexual abuse. In other words, it is also defined as a modern-day form of slavery involving the illegal occupation of persons for exploitation or sexual abuse. Human trafficking is a hidden crime as victims rarely try their best to seek help because of language problems, scared of the abuser and lack of law enforcement. Every yea r, millions of males, females, and youngsters are trafficked

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Prison Overcrowding And The United States - 1555 Words

Nelson Mandela once said, â€Å"It is said that no one truly knows a nation until one has been inside its jails. A nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but its lowest ones.† The prisons in the United States have been overcrowded for many years and require a change in order to fix this. Some of the main causes for prison overcrowding that will be covered in this paper are mass incarceration, long sentencing, recidivism, and prisoners of drug crimes. Overcrowding of prisons in the United States is a major issue that affects not only the prisoners themselves, but taxpayers and politicians. Although there are many different solutions to prison overcrowding such as building more prisons, alternative and shorter sentences, etc., the issue is still prevalent. Some feel the best way to deal with overcrowding is to build more prisons to accommodate the large influx of prisoners. Others feel the best mode of action to solve this problem is through shorter, and alternative sentencing, which frees up space for serious offenders of the law. This paper argues that shorter, and alternative prison sentences are the most effective way to reduce the prison population in the United States. Prisons and their overcrowding is a controversial topic not to be taken lightly. There are an incredible number of people in American prisons today. For example, according to Peter Katel, there are more people in prison right now in the United States than any other country. TheShow MoreRelatedPrison Overcrowding : The United States1535 Words   |  7 Pages 2017 Prison Overcrowding The United States has the highest number of incarcerated individuals than other countries. Offenders are arrested every day for minor and major offences such as murder. America is hard on crime. When someone breaks the law the criminal justice’s system seeks an eye for an eye. Prison overcrowding has become a major problem in the United States, it is very expensive to house an inmate and there are other methods to punish offenders without sending them to prison for extendedRead MorePrison Overcrowding And The United States994 Words   |  4 PagesPrison Overcrowding In the United States, there’s two types of incarcerations: jail vs prison and federal vs state. The key difference between all prison systems is the size, location, and quantity of inmates and the crime rate in each area. Overpopulation has been an issue for a while mainly because for the safety for the inmates, the Three Strike Law, and also, society feeling that rehabilitation isn’t what they want for convicted felons. In the future, the system of corrections should decreaseRead MorePrison Overcrowding And Its Effects On The United States Essay1605 Words   |  7 PagesPer Derek Gilna’s report on Increase in Federal Prison Population, Overcrowding, prisons have become overpopulated throughout a five-year span from 2006 to 2011 (Gilna, page 48). Prison overcrowding has become a plague in the United States for some time now. The US Bureau of Justice Statistics shows more than two-million adults are incarcerated in US federal and state prisons. There are many rea sons that prisons are becoming overpopulated but not such a certain cause. To fix the problem, attentionRead MoreThe Effects Of Prison Overcrowding On The United States Essay1713 Words   |  7 PagesThe United States has the biggest imprisonment rate on the planet, and paying a high cost for it. Detainment strength finished in the mid-1970s when the jail populace expanded from 300,000 to 1.6million detainees, and the imprisonment rate from 100 for each 100,000 to more than 500 for every 100,000. Nonetheless, there is by all accounts little relationship between the wrongdoing rate and the imprisonment rate (Clear et al., 2013). One of the causes of prison overcrowding comes about because of theRead MoreOvercrowding And Its Effects On The United States Prison System1178 Words   |  5 Pages Overcrowding prisons are an issue that has been influencing the United States prison population for decades, however what is the true significance of overcrowding. As indicated by Jeff Bleich (1989) â€Å"the term overcrowding is repetitive, since crowding already refers to a higher level of social density than is desired†. An overcrowded prison is a shocking condition that causes outrage and dissatisfaction among detainees (Haney, 2014). This condition is so undesirable that one can consider it as unconstitutionalRead MoreEssay about American Intervention: Prisons in the United States576 Words   |  3 Pageshelp of our own concerning our prisons. First, we could use help with overcrowding. Next, minor flaws in our justice system that contribute to overcrowding. Finally, the condition of some of our prisons don’t make them seem like they are not prisons at all. In the United States, prison overcrowding is caused by many issues. These include not enough room in prisons, increasing crime rates, and changes in the justice system’s laws. Causes of prison overcrowding may include: double-celling, prisonerRead MorePrison Overcrowding Essay1184 Words   |  5 Pages Prison Overcrowding Nicole Neal American Intercontinental University Abstract This research paper is to explore the impact of prison overcrowding. The United States has a, what seems to be everlasting, prison overcrowding problem. Not only does the United States have this dilemma, but also many other countries have overcrowded prisons as well. Many issues need to be addressed; ways to reduce the prison populations and how to effectively reduce prison cost withoutRead MoreTheu.s. State Prison System965 Words   |  4 Pagesproblem in the Unites State Prison system because of overcrowding. First I am going to talk about what cause the overcrowding in the Prison system. After that I will talk what are the affect we are facing now days for overcrowding in the prison system. Than what should we do to stop prison to get overcrowding and how is going to help out society. Now we going to talk about the reason why our prison is overcrowding in the United State. According to (â€Å"What Causes Overcrowding,† 2011) the first mainRead MoreEffects Of Prison Overcrowding1345 Words   |  6 Pagesthat prison overcrowding causes towards the inmates and the guards. I will first address the issue of violence that prison overcrowding causes. My next point will be the health of the inmates discussing both their physical and mental while in overcrowded prisons. Lastly I will discuss the physical and mental health of the correctional officers and how the job could lead to correctional officers having issues in their private life. Prison Overcrowding has become a major issue in the United StatesRead MoreThe Overcrowding Of The Correctional Facilities1730 Words   |  7 Pagesthreat to maintaining this balance is the overcrowding of prisons. In 2011, the United States Supreme Court ruled that massive overcrowding of California prisons violates its prisoner’s eighth amendment right protecting them from cruel and unusual punishment (Boylan, 2015, p. 558). At the time California’s correctional institutions were at double their capacity, housing over 155, 500 prisoners in only 33 institutions (Specter, 2010, p. 194). The overcrowding of correctional facilities is one of the

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Ideas that Shock the World

Question: Write about theIdeas that Shock the World. Answer: United Nations (UN) is a large body currently comprising of about one hundred and ninety-three member countries. The body is responsible for peacekeeping, environmental conservation, and many other activities. Specifically, United Nations is a program that was formed back in 1945 to help the involved member countries to spread peace through harmony creation. The body for a long time has been involved in talks with the members more so during the time of disasters. Its inception gave the member a sense of security regarding political stabilization and external threats. This motive encouraged several countries to join the program owing to the fact that it was formed right after second war whose end marked a new beginning of suffering to some nations. Depending on the current form of affairs of the U.N questions on whether the united nation is an imperial power or not have arisen. Therefore by critically analyzing the imperialism of the United Nations body, clear understanding of the sub ject will be achieved. The United Nations program is not an imperial power. Imperial power is comprised of indirect and direct rule (Howe, 2002, 15). To be the head of the UN may mean a lot from a personal point of view but the reality is, there is power attached to the entire body. It is divided into various branches that seem to be independent of the other. If at all the UN could be imperial that could imply that there would be no wars and deaths as opposed to what has been experienced for the last decade. Also, there are member nations who continue to suffer under the wings of the United Nations. To understand the concept of United Nations imperialism, it becomes important to note that all the powers of the body are distributed to the five permanent members: United States of America, Russia, China, Great Britain and France (Morgenthau and Nations, 1948, 53). This implies that to have an effective strategy on how to defeat a common enemy, all of the above mentioned super power countries must come to an a greement. Failure to that means the developing nation might suffer in the hands of the United Nations helplessly for a long time. The United Nation is far from becoming an imperial power. For instance, it has been unable to curb the negative motives of the superpower members; therefore, deeming it questionable as far as the welfare of other countries is concerned. It is evident that before joining the United Nations, the United States of America had a hidden agenda that remained unearthed by the UN members (Xanthaki, 2007, 103). Iraq is an oil field that the US has been willing to conquer and acquire. The former US President George W. Bush identified the need to be associated with the UN because he knew that it would lend the legitimacy of the international community. By this is to mean that the United States domination in Iraq was legally acceptable and fair. Due to the incapability of the UN to identify the US strategy, most of the Iraq residents were killed, and the US slaughter in Iraq continues up to date. In short, UN is a body that cannot in any way stand the interest and the powers of superior nations. Moreover, during the Serbia bombing in 1999, Russia and other superpower nations apart from the United States of America remained calm over the issue (Kim, 2015, 16). What followed was the US ignoring the voice of its counterparts and utilizing that opportunity in the name of NATO to conduct severe bombing that claimed so many lives. The steps by Bush to disagree with the UN on the approaches of Iraq indicates how weak the United Nations is in defending and extending its authority for the well being of the member countries. The United Nations weapon inspection program is a means of promoting killings contrary to its goals and objectives during inception. The Move to disarm the residents of Iraq, Palestine, and Afghanistan by the United Nations has been warmly welcomed by the United States there giving them an opportunity to kill anyone who disagrees with them (Lauren, 1996, 44). The weakness of the UN can be traced back in 1991 when it supported the Gulf war. What followed was more severe than massacre witnessed during the time of Idi Amin of Uganda. Research indicates that Iraq was destroyed with most tonnage at a fast rate ever to have been recorded in war history. As a result, more than two hundred thousand Iraqis lost their lives. If UN was superior, it could have stretched the weapon inspection rule in the US. Another failure of the United Nations was witnessed when Italy came forward to invade Abyssinia (Chesterman, 2004, 36). The British decided to show off their superiority when they falsely act ed as if they were lending Abyssinia, a hand. The deal dictated that the Abyssinia would give a portion of their land to the Italians. The fact remains that the British saw this as an opportunity to secure possession in Africa. The latter followed that the whole of Abyssinia was taken by the Italy and Haile Sellassie was entirely expelled yet no action was taken against them. The United Nation program is ineffective. This is supported by the fact that the body for a long time has failed to act according to specifically when crisis happen. In 1968 hijacking of Israel airplane marked a new turn of event in the terrorism arena (Mazower, 2009, 8). The United Nations responded by condemning the act, but no particular action was taken to curbing the vice. This saw terrorists extend their atrocity for a long time due to the quietness of the UN. Later, UN came in and punished the wrong doers. The fact remains that terrorism in Asian continent is a state funded program with the support of most UN members in the region. Failure to hold accountable member countries such as Iran and India remain a great concern. When UN was formed, only the United States of America had managed to have produced nuclear weapons. In the early 1970s, the nonproliferation treaty on the production of the nuclear weapon was passed. This would restrict the super power and other nations from producing nuclear warheads that threatened the welfare of the citizens. Currently, the proliferation treaty has been ignored and countries such as North Korea, US and Israel continue manufacturing such weapons therefore exposing UN failure to enforce its rules. The bloody civil war that was witnessed in Sri Lanka between 1983 and 2009 again proved the United Nations inferiority. The battle comprised of the government forces against the separatist's Tamil Tigers (Louis, 1978, 1943). According to the research, one hundred and ninety-six people were compelled to flee while about fifty thousand civilians were trapped. Due to the intensity of the war that went on claiming many lives, a group of experts staged a need to have the United Nations head of human right to have a say on the issue (Call, 2008, 1499). Unfortunately, UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon appreciated the fact that he was shocked by the situation but he did not conduct any intervention to help the suffering civilians. The UN peacekeepers for a long time have been condemned for child sex abuse incidents. It is evident that people see the soldiers in their helmets that are postulated to be a sign of peace. Unfortunately, this appeared different from the expectations of many nations in the early and late 19090s.Studies show that countries such as Haiti and Bosnia recorded a high rate of child sex abuse by the peacekeepers that rewarded young girls with small coins (Gilley, 2006, 514). The senior leaders in the United Nations did not condemn the claiming that it would hinder other nations from uniting the peacekeeping groups. Conclusively, it is evident that the United Nations is not an imperial power. It is true that the UN follows some laid procedures that guide their actions. Apart from that, the body has been depicted as weak in monitoring the actions of the NATO group. Therefore, it is crucial for the UN to revise its rules and implement them fully for the wellbeing of its citizens. References Call, C.T., 2008. The fallacy of the Failed State.Third World Quarterly,29(8), pp.1491-1507. This analyzes the civil war. Specifically Sri Lanka is discussed Chesterman, S., 2004.You, the people: the United Nations, transitional administration, and state-building. Oxford University Press on Demand. The reference illuminates on the steps UN has taken to achieve transitions. History of the UN failure to control NATOs Great Britain and Italy is analysed. Gilley, B., 2006. The meaning and measure of state legitimacy: Results for 72 countries.European Journal of Political Research,45(3), pp.499-525. The source critically highlights how the UN members break the rules of the program. In this case child abuse is highlighted Howe, S., 2002.Empire: A very short introduction. OUP Oxford. The article explains the meaning of imperialism.It explains who the imperialist is. Kim, S.S., 2015.China, the United Nations and world order. Princeton University Press.The reference illustrates the UN activities in china. There is also mention of US war superiority in Asia Lauren, P.G., 1996.Power and prejudice: the politics and diplomacy of racial discrimination. Westview Press. Racial discrimination is highlighted.US is discussed in deep regarding deaths of Iraqis Louis, W.R., 1978.Imperialism at Bay: The United States and the Decolonization of the British Empire, 1941-1945. New York: Oxford University Press. The source emphasizes on US superiority. This is in terms of deadly weapon contrary to UN rules. Mazower, M., 2009.No enchanted palace: the end of empire and the ideological origins of the United Nations. Princeton University Press. This reference highlights weaknesses of UN. Failure to combat terrorism is discussed. Morgenthau, H. and Nations, P.A., 1948. The struggle for power and peace.Nova York, Alfred Kopf. The reference specifies the UN members. It highlights five NATO members. Xanthaki, A., 2007.Indigenous rights and United Nations standards: self-determination, culture and land(Vol. 52). Cambridge University Press. This explains the guidelines of UN body. There is also mention of US self interest in the UN program

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A Bronx Tale Analysis essays

A Bronx Tale Analysis essays In the movie, the 1960s are portrayed with reality as the viewer is taken to East 187th Street in the Bronx, New York. The Fordham neighborhood shown is highly populated by citizens of Italian decent, and a strong cultural social bond exists in the streets. Children play stickball on corners as older members of the community hustle to earn money. From legitimate business (like the fruit vendors) to illicit workings (bookmaking), everyone is busy with some form of social advancement. On the corner stands the kingpin of the neighborhood. This person (Sonny) is the boss of a local mob type operation. This neighborhood is held in fear of Sonnys actions, and yet motivated by respect and admiration for the man. The social benefits are immediate and apparent from the bookmaking and gaming occurring at the corner bar, to the protection of the neighborhood from other groups. Members of the community come together to assemble at the bar, further connecting and strengthening the social bond of the Italian citizens. From the movie, much pride is taken in the heritage and the culture of the Italian people, and this is perpetuated by the success of the organized crime group in the area. Sonnys actions and presence are seen in retrospect to those hardworking citizens, who long for a piece of the wealth. Overall, organized crime taps into the communities need for social advancement as well as survival. To be a part of this organized crime group almost guarantees success in life; meaning money for the family, employment, social interaction, and protection. In the world of crime, there have been many different attempts to figure out what drives the criminal to commit acts against society. Many of these theories are supported by evidence based on actual events that have occurred. In the movie A Bronx Tale, many of these theories are evident based on the actions of the cast of the movie, portraying stre...

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The Age Of Excellence in 5th Century Athens essays

The Age Of Excellence in 5th Century Athens essays One figure towers over 5th Century Athens: Pericles. This Age of Athens, which begins either in 462 or 450 or 445 BC and lasts until 404 BC, when Athens is defeated by Sparta, is called the Athenian Age, the Classical Age, or, after its most important political figure, the Age of Pericles. Pericles' rule as a statesman in Athens is called the Golden Age of Pericles, and he was an eager supporter of democracy. He wanted all citizens of Athens to take an active part in politics, and he was the first to pay servants to the state. He made it so that the members of the council were chosen by all Athenians, and Pericles restored and built many temples and structures, such as the Parthenon on the Acropolis, employing the poorest citizens. Pericles embodied the spirit of classical Athens, allowing it to flourish and having the belief in the Athenians as all Leaders should. Pericles was born in 495 B.C. He was born into the family of the Alcmaeonids, who played large financial and political parts in Greece for several centuries. His mother was Agariste, the sister of Cleisthenes, and his father was Xanthippus. He commanded an Athenian contingent of the allied fleet, and because he belonged to a wealthy family, and had rich friends, he was able to travel and meet envoys. This travel and exploring gained him much experience. Pericles gained power by way of the law courts after a hearing, because of his natural ability. He ran for office, to be a general. Once elected, the generals, being ten in number, were seldom put in charge. Pericles was chosen as a statesman because this way his opinions counted considerably. He maintained this position for thirty years, and this era is known as the "Age of Pericles." He had the aristocratic leader Cimon ostracized, thus becoming the foremost leader of Athens for 15 years. Under Pericles, Athens became the most spl endid of Greek city-states, both politically and culturally with its fleet, making allies ...

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Causal Argument video games make children obesity Essay

Causal Argument video games make children obesity - Essay Example All the above causes have been substantively evaluated and proven to have a direct impact on obesity; however, debates have recently ensued, concerning the relationship between video games and obesity. According to a study by WHO, video games are the leading cause of obesity in young children and teenagers; the research further shows that a third of children in different parts of the world are overweight (Ingham). Video games make children fat, given that screen time takes away time for healthy lifestyle habits such as dieting and vigorous games. This paper will examine the premise that video games make children fat, by highlighting a number of facts in the relationship between obesity and video games. One way in which video games cause obesity in children is that video games replace active play and exercise, thus making the children physically unfit. It is advertent knowledge that obesity is high in those people who do not exercise regularly to flush out excess calories in their bod ies (â€Å"Obesity’). This is so because vigorous physical exercises require a lot of energy; the body can only get by burning the excess fats stored in the body as an alternative source of energy. Physical activity also tends to reduce the levels of hunger in obese individuals, besides enhancing their bodies’ ability to metabolize fats. ... Many studies have recently shown that, on average, children absorb up to 163 more calories when playing video games than they would when not playing (â€Å"Video games make kids fat – study†). This trend has been linked to the emotional stress that video games have on children, creating the need for a reward; unfortunately, children tend to eat mainly sweet and fatty foods thus further aggravating the risk for obesity. Dietary strategies are not an option for children who are involved in video games because, being highly addictive, the video games make children insensitive to nutrition. The glee of fatty, sugary foods is every child’s ultimate reward for the extreme mental and emotional stress that accompanies playing video games. Coupled with a lack of vigorous physical exercise, excess calories in children are a complete recipe for obesity. Obesity also results from psychological factors such as negative emotions of boredom, anger or sadness (â€Å"Obesityâ₠¬ ); all these emotions are common in children during video games. Studies have shown that many overweight people usually have emotional or psychological problems, which affect their eating habits accordingly. When playing video games, children are prone to extreme emotional stress or psychological problems, which emanate from their high involvement in the video games. For instance, a simple act of losing a fight in a video game may provoke feelings of anger or sadness in children, thus causing emotional instability. In the event of such emotional or psychological instability, children often tend to act out in defiance response to the feelings of loss, anger or sadness. In most cases, children will respond to negative feelings of anger and frustration by eating more